Montec Project Gallery

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NYULMC, 1999 Marcus Ave, New Hyde Park, New York

Medical Office Complete Fit Out (15,000 SF), Medical Center with High End Insulated Acoustical Ceilings, Decorative Wood ceilings, Armstrong Infusion Panel Ceilings, Special Wood Trims, Axiom Trims & Curved Light Coves. Walls around X-ray rooms were built using 1/16" Lead Lined Sheetrock.

The Long Hall, 58 East 34th Street, New York

Complete gut renovation of existing Bar, New Walls, Ceilings, Finished Woodwork, Wall & Ceiling Moldings, Building of new Bar Counters - dismantled Church pews and recycled for counter top. All the beams were replaced on both floors, all bathrooms and lounge floors tiled.

Metropolitan Investors, 292 Madison Avenue, New York

Brick Columns demoed and rebuilt. Brickwork Patched and all Brick Columns cleaned using a Masonry Cleaner. Existing Steel Columns cleaned by Grinding and Installing 4 Hour Rated Intumescent Paint.

TD Bank - 125 Park Avenue, New York

Steels Columns sprayed with MK 6 Fireproofing, Intumescent paint installed over the Steel Plates to Fireproof below the new vaults, Epoxy Base installed over the New Steel Plates and then Self Levelling layed to level the floor. Rebar installed, form and New Concrete Steps poured.

81 west 125th Street, New York

Ground Up, Nine Story renovation & extension project with exterior drywall, detailed Bay Window Surrounds and Slanted Mansard Roof Reconstruction Framing at the front of the building. Detailed Exterior Sheathing/Framing work around D ormers & Cornices.

Moninian Group, 3 Columbus Circle, New York (Three floors)

Office Pre-Built for 3 floors (App. 50,000 Total). Wall with Reveals and Level-5 finish at Elevators, ACT Ceilings, GWB Ceiling with Light Coves & Window Pockets. Some walls needed Quietrock both sides. Pitconn Trims were used at Corners and Transitions.

Trademark, 95 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013

High End Retail Renovation with Wood base, crown and wall moldings.

Buccellati, 714 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10065

Conversion of Old Downtown building into Detailed Showroom with Typical detailed showrooms.

SL Green – Tenant, 10 East 53rd Street, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10022

Office renovation with Acoustical Ceilings, Light Cove, Optima Tiles and Window Pockets.

Tamara, 660 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10173

This high end office building project involved detailed soffit & fascia work at the main entrance to the lobby of the building. This was a total fit-out of the 12th floor with an interior of 8,000 SF of Gypsum Wall Board and detailed ACT ceilings, also new partitions throughout.

Balenciaga, 148 Mercer St. New York, NY 10012

Very detailed gut renovation for a renowned high end retailer. The project involved high slab area at the front of the store with Heavy Gauge Metal Joists, Plywood Backing for Marble Panels, GWB/Plywood Radius Ceiling. The project has GRG Radius Light Coves, Plywood Ceiling/Soffits/Light Pockets. Level-5 Finish throughout the job.

Appnexus-Colliers International, 38-40 W. 23rd St. New York, NY

This project required an interior renovation of 25,000 SF High End office space for a leading advertising technology firm. The scope of work included Level-5 finish on new and existing walls with two rows of Pittcon Reveals, High End Optima Ceilings, GWB Furring on Terracotta Slab and around the beams.

GRACIE MEWS, 401 E. 80th St. New York, NY

This project was an interior renovation of a 5,000 SF Health Club and the common areas of a Residential Building. The scope of work included Level-5 finish on new and existing walls. Renovations of the swimming pool area consisted of special ceiling tiles and coated grid, dens shield ceilings, Soffits & Fascias with Plaster Moldings, STO-477 Coating on all dens shield surfaces.

HRA, 470 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y.

This project was an interior renovation with over 450,000 SF of sheet rocking, tape and spackle work. There was over 210,000 LF of metal stud framing and 100,000 SF of insulation. This massive project covered a total of four floors of offices for HRA.

Roosevelt ASC, 619 W. 54th St. New York, NY

This is a Medical Office with high end ceilings throughout, Reveals on walls in Waiting Rooms, Corridors and public areas with corner guards, crash hand rails with Wall Protections. X-Ray rooms have lead lined GWB perimeter walls with foil backed GWB, and axiom cove profile at ceiling transitions.

S.L. GREEN, 485 Lexington Ave. New York, NY

Interior renovation was needed for this Leading Real Estate Firm. The scope of work for this 15,000 SF office included building drywalls and header above office glass fronts. There was also ceiling work which required the use of, Armstrong Ultima tiles, Sheetrock ceilings, Soffit/fascias and Window pocket conditions.

TOMS CAPITAL, 450 W. 14th St. New York, NY

This project was an interior renovation, 7,500 SF of office space for financial/ investment firm. The scope of work included building drywalls with recessed base conditions, Drywall Headers above glass office fronts, Supplying/Forming & Installing the aluminum column covers and aluminum sleeves for radiator pipes. The ceiling scope included building clouds with Chicago Metallic Metalscape Ceiling Tiles/Grid and Infinity Perimeter, Straight and curved trim around.

New York Law School, 55-57 Worth Street, New York, NY

This project was an interior renovation requiring us to use 'Pittcon Radius Column Enclosures' and 'Pittcon Reveals' on walls. The mechanical rooms required 'Sonex Acoustical Foam' on walls. The ceilings required us to install a 3,000 SF 'Armstrong Techzone' ceiling system with' Straight' and 'Radius Axiom Trims', 'Radius' break metal pan fascias and window pockets.

National Dance Institute, 217 West 147th Street, New York, NY

This project was a very detailed and high end interior renovation of dance studios requiring high radius lobby ceilings , 'Curved Reveals' and 'Knife Edge Trims' at light coves. The studios required 11,000 SF of 3-layer acoustical 'Gypsum Wall Board' ceilings on 'Spring Isolators', and 'Tectum' acoustical walls and ceiling panels throughout the space.

VIP Hughes Garden, 2031 Hughes Avenue, Bronx, NY

This project required Montec Interiors to build interior walls & ceilings for 7 stories of new construction, with 55, 1 and 2 bedroom/ studio apartments totaling 80,000 SF of floor area. Montec Interiors installed all Kitchen cabinets, countertops, window sills and aprons, bathroom vanities with bathroom accessories, wire closets and 12,350 LF of wood base.

McKinsey Offices, 100 Washington Blvd, Stamford, CT

This very detail orientated project in Connecticut required Montec Interiors to build new offices and pods. The pods involved building curved drywall with 3 rows of 'Pittcon' reveals and reveals around doors and windows with a plywood roof. The ceiling work included 20,000 SF of new hung ceiling using 'Armstrong Techzone' tiles with grid, curved gypsum soffits/fascia and detailed gypsum wall board light fixtures. Montec Interiors also constructed a roof deck with Trellis using 'IPE' decking on pressure treated wood joists and 'WPP' beams with cedar curved siding at front & sides of the deck. The pictures of this project speak for themselves.

Mercedes-Benz, 208-24 Northern Blvd, Queens, NY

This showroom renovation and extension required Montec Interiors to build new offices and a new service area with 'Certainteed' fiberglass ceiling tiles and grid, new gypsum wall board ceilings with reveals and curved soffit and fascias. These pictures highlight the distinct detail involved in this now exquisite showroom.


Working for a company of architects is quite intimidating for most drywall contractors, but not for Montec Interiors. They were chosen as MKDA knew they could rely on their high standard and professionalism. MKDA’s project included 15,000SF of renovation. The pictures highlight the varied materials and details of work in the different areas of the office.

Heckler Building

The Central Park Heckler Building showcases a beautiful sloped concave roof. Drywall partitions and suspended gypsum wallboard ceilings were installed along with structural steel joists. Roof framing with all the necessary blocking for support, was installed to create a concave sloped roof.  This project clearly shows the extent of diversity that Montec Interiors performs on a regular basis.

The New School 55 W 13th Street

This project highlights the diversity of material that Montec Interiors routinely works with to achieve the desired results of the client.  In this particular project, drywall partitions were installed throughout along with acoustical ceilings. On low walls, lumasite was used on both sides of the partitions. While on the furring partitions, as a contrast, translucent panels were utilized.  Montec Interiors prides itself on being able to handle any material your project requires.

Islamic Center

Montec Interiors is especially proud of the accomplishments of the Islamic center. The project not only included new construction of classrooms, but a detailed lobby renovation. Montec was able to transfer the architect's vision of the lobby wall into reality. Looking closely you will see the superb detail of the pitcon reveals throughout and the slopped ceiling above. This project showcases the diversity of the work Montec Interiors is known for.